Russian icon of the Entrance of the Lord into Jerusalem, XIX century

Dimensions: 31 x 26.5 cm

The entrance of the Lord into Jerusalem is one of the twelve main Christian holidays. The solemn entrance to Jerusalem of Jesus Christ “on a donkey” is the fulfillment of the prophecy of Christ as the coming King. On this day, the Church recalls that Jews who came to the Passover celebrated Jesus as a Messiah, as a prophet, as a great miracle-worker, for they knew that He shortly before that had resurrected Lazarus of the Four Days. At the same time, Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem symbolizes his second coming to earth. The first was accomplished in secrecy in a cave in Bethlehem, but the Second will be in mighty Glory. This Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem icon demonstrates how Jesus Christ first revealed himself to the people of Israel as a King. However, he enters the city not on a horse, as a winner, but on a donkey, which symbolizes of meekness, because He wants to appear before the people as the meek and saving king. The figure of Jesus Christ on the icon unites two groups: the apostles and the overjoyed people, emphasizing the future ministry of the apostles. The green palm tree in the background symbolizes victory over death not only of Jesus Christ, but also of all those who believe in Him.