Russian icon of the Beheading of Saint John the Baptist, XIX century

Dimensions: 31 x 26.5 cm

The Gospels of Matthew and Mark recount the death of the Forerunner of the Lord on the 32nd year of the Nativity of Christ. For the terrible denunciation of King Herod that he, heaving left his own wife, lives with his brother’s wife Herodias, John the Baptist is thrown into prison. As a reward for the dance, Herodias teaches her daughter to ask for the severed head of John the Baptist on a platter. The central part of the icon is the image of the warrior of King Herod Antipas, who swings his sword on the declined figure of the prophet John. In the right part of the icon is depicted a warrior who presents the maiden head of the prophet to Salome. The honorable head is surrounded by a halo – as a symbol of the fact that the prophet of God through his ministry and martyrdom has acquired the Kingdom of God and the Lord’s grace. At the top of the icon is the image of the Face of Jesus Christ Himself.