Russian icon of the Baptism of the Lord, XIX century

Dimensions: 31 x 26.5 cm

Epiphany is one of the twelve great feast holidays, otherwise called the Baptism of the Lord, as on that day the Church recalls the baptism of the Savior from John the Baptist in the Jordan River. The holiday was called the Epiphany because during the baptism of Jesus Christ there was a manifestation of all three Persons of the Divine and Holy Trinity: the Father spoke with a voice from heaven, and the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus Christ in the form of a dove, confirming the words of the Father. In the center of the icon composition Christ is depicted a naked in the waters of the Jordan. Above the Savior standing in the water is a segment of the sky from which the dove descends to Christ – the symbol of the Holy Spirit and the rays of the “triune light.” On the left side of the composition, John the Baptist lays the right hand on the head of Christ. On the right side, the three angels bow to Christ.